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Open to all, its definitive credo is:

Universal human progress by private and voluntary means.

On these pages will be the opining of several people. Not just a bunch of nuts; these people care for their fellow man and wish to do all in their power to lift up and assist them in being able to succeed on their own.

Chief among these radicals is John G Lankford. Self proclaimed positivist, Mr. Lankford has the gift to put into coherent words, what others among us can only wish to do. He has chosen semi-retirement in beautiful Belize, of Central America, where he can better pursue the life of thinker-philosopher.

In a supporting role you will find a Mr. Terry Warburton, currently in Orlando, Florida. An entrepreneur and lifetime positivist. Why else would he be working so hard?

The webmaster is John Galt, who is.......then again......who is John Galt?

Stop back often to read the wit and wisdom of these new Radical Positivists

If anyone finds inspiration from this site, then it is worth the doing.

Radical Positivism, The Wallet Edition.     Author:  John G Lankford
This is a synopsis of what Radical Positivism is all about and should be read first, as it will make further reading more understandable

Article #1 02/99 Provident in Conviction, and a Radical in Action.    Author: John G Lankford
Article #2 03/99 Reclaiming Inevitability     Author: John G Lankford
Article #3 03/99 What Color Are You?     Author:  John G Lankford
Article #4 03/99 Radical Positivism and the Provident Ethic     Author:  John G Lankford
Article #5 04/14/99 Property Rights, Human Rights, and Why Thou Shalt Not Steal      Author: John G Lankford
Article #6 06/20/99 Shrugging in Place Author: John G Lankford
Article #7
  04/07/00 On Thieves and Thievery Author: John G Lankford
Article #8
07/01/00 Louis Kelso, Pioneer of Providence, by John G Lankford
Article #9
12/15/00 Insouciant Extortion Transcendence and Some Praises Of and Objections To It, by John G Lankford
Article #10 12/27/00 Species, Specimen, Predation and Providence by John G Lankford
Article #11
03/13/01 The Essential Individual by: John G Lankford
Article #12
07/15/01 The limit of miracles?

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Inequality of Wealth by Ludwig von Mises

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Radical Positivists of the world unite, and make it a better place for all!
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