Radical Positivism

Open to all,

its definitive credo is:

Universal human progress by private and voluntary means.

Materialism, despite its potential for abuse and addictive fixation, is a legitimate human aim so long as most of the world is destitute.  Like it or not, almost every culture, given the chance, chooses materialism. Let the majority decision burst free. When, if, and as all people have adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and decent latitude, then we will resume deploring the evils of materialism.

Our means is prudent productivity, that is, Providence. Providence is so instinctively revered as to have been the first quality ascribed to Divinity in Judaeo-Christian-Islamic doctrine. We dispute the Promethean taboo and assert we do well to effect all of that quality our limited powers will permit.

Providence wrought atomic weaponry in service of another survival method, predation. But atomic weaponry spelled the limit of predation as a survival strategy. Predation has been eclipsed, and is now the strategy only of dimwits, infantiles, and throwbacks. Providence is too busy creating to indulge its hindrances any more, and it is to be not only scorned but also subdued. Providence has the moral authority to impose its ethic and prevail over predation.

Parasitism is another traditional alternative method. It is inevitable in infants and children and the legitimately impeded, and in such cases is to be willingly indulged.  It is not to be indulged in healthy adult specimens. Providence has the moral authority to prevail over parasitism. The means need not be the lash, simply the denial of subsidy in an environment of opportunity. Parasitism cannot continue without subsidy. It is not owed sustenance.

Freed from predation and parasitism, Providence enjoys greater efficiency and better, and more quickly, serves materialism, the servant, in turn, of survival as understood to including its necessary implications: prosperity, prevalence, proliferation.

By means of voluntary persuasion, we aim to habituate human thought to these principles even while leaving it free to consider alternatives. We are confident there are no superior alternatives at this time, and do not fear comparison. We acknowledge that only by encouraging comparison do we have any hope of eventually superseding even Providence as a human virtue.

We hold matters of spirit and realms trancending matter and energy to be beyond human comprehension or description, nevertheless consummately fundamental to existence, especially of living things, and more especially of human beings, who possess the ability to conceive of them.  We believe the contemplation of those matters prospers best when left to individual pursuit and voluntary discussion or congregation. We recognize that contemplation as beneficial, but acknowledge that, in our capacity as mortal ethicists of limited faculties and discernment, we should say no more.

Our aim is realization of the potentials of secular Providence to offer option, latitude, liberty, and fulfillment to all people. Our immediate agenda is the use of Provident principles to liberate and elevate those confined by the strictures of material and conceptual privation, that they may join us in freedom and progress. We believe our species, or species derived from ours, to be eligible to range the universe, and we are anxious to fulfill that consummation of human potential.

Can you run on a platform somewhat like that?  Not for elected or appointed public office, but as a spokesman for ideas?

Then you're a Provident in conviction, and a radical positivist in action.

Radical Positivists of the world unite, and make it a better place for all!

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