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treatment beautifully. The patient that I reported accepted sur
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parts each with its truck one for sterilization one for the
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found. Of the pigs inoculated with tuberculosis and not
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of these subjects is in no case disappointing. The following
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ease or to the extreme difficulty of swallowing espe
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round the right side from front to back. There was no change
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anomaly of organization has been observed in foetal life
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laboratories without the observance of the rules adopted in
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transition of the one form into the other is pathologically very
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from the above note of the Army Journal c uoted it appears
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her first illness she remained more or leas amemic. For the past
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continues in the morning and in the afternoon. This boy
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evolution of carbonic acid as evident as in more complex
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due to his having been made to swallow some of the ammonia
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of medicine and did practice medicine within the tncamng
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any medication by mouth even were it necessary. This vomiting as a rule
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der joint but there is never any acromial deformity
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and abdomen is contributed by Dr. Peter Potter and enibodi s
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By Dr. Henry Kennedy Physician to Sir Patrick Dun s
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bly written in theprecepts of practical midwifery and taking
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was given on the following day in the anatomy building.

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