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healthy but there was a manifest fluctuation throughout the

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the medium and where moderate embellishments are conducted

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Some of them think that these grievances would best be

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urea again. The patient was watched carefully and at

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might have been expected considering the mode of death.

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tism or secondary to purulent meningitis. The tifinptoms are tlioM of

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what it is worth for the consideration of my readers. I know not

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is very painful improves towards the morning. Slight perspiration appears

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been particularly drawn to it and hence they have adopted

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opening of the sac was directly opposite to the superficial

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blood destruction has taken place such as trypanoso

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For an acute eczema bathing with a two per cent solu

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with special reference to the etiology and classification

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stracts of the most important contributions which have ap

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Dr. Edinger began Thursday afternoon s session very

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t ese circumstances are as follow unusual weariness heaviness and

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of teaching in this school in order to meet modern requirements.

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SI. Motors. The direct current dynamo is a reversible

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Microscopically it reveals lymphoid and endothelial hyperplasia and fibrosis

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the British workman is to the cancer in his lip yet in both

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from slight sloughing ulceration between fingers. Three other

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the early symptoms of the disease. He had suffered from one

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toxic quantities give very little guidance to its therapeutic

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