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ments of medicine. We cannot close our eyes to the facts that

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Treatment. Remove the stake if not already done and

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Aside from the foregoing special attention must be paid to the gastro

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For the sweating the best agents are aromatic sulphuric acid and atropin

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symptoms and signs of cardiac failure to wit dyspnea cough cyanosis

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equipment had been corrected and the equipment that had been received was

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toms were growing progressively worse and if they were

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and other dyspeptic symptoms diarrhoea the stools being pale

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justly but they are laymen not understanding the nature of physiological

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and consecutive cerebral embolism. He cites cases in which the external

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capacity of the muscles of the two sides to act in concert.

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be able to obtain a healthy resolution unless unforeseen com

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made up of a large number of buildings the medical

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usual occurring more often during the first three or four months

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tation even that bugaboo of past ages hospital gan

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one or other of the ordinary solutions of aniline dyes

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mals were slaughtered several months after the protective inoc

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his note. We did not state that cumulative effects may

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powers of the constitution will under such circumstances gen

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ing as in small pox and typhoid fever in cervical celluli

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in his OT Ti wards at Hotel Dieu and which formed some two

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of general as distinguished from professional literature and

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IMMEDIATE OPENING board certified anesthesiologist. Downtown Chicago

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Dr. Babnes of St. Louis moved to lay the resolution on the

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aggravated by the protrusion of piles during his efforts for

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to impress the clinician is marked mental involvement occa

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each temple. After the emetic has operated freely a

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Fractures above the knee are sometimes treated by this

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dependent upon an intrinsic lesion of the thyroid itself

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peritonitis and pleurisy a similar method of managing this

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lost his life. Similar convincing experiments have occurred among lab

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door sports which while away the hot summer periods.

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lowers temperature by ozoning the blood thereby checking




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