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There are no marked changes from last year s volume

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Thomas Hay Scotus. De Vi Caloris in Corpore Humano.

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the greatest value to the professional worker in public health and

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marily for the general practitioner. Students attend lectures ward rounds and

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As a naturalist the merits of Dr. B. arc of no common

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produced only by the living cancer cells and not by those

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and the eye is its organ. By it wo distinguish colors

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and indeed upon all parts and organs of the body. It

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to occur occasionally in the cartilages of joints without inflammation

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continue indefinitely growing so to speak on itself

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prompt operative interference in these cases at the earliest

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until the seventh day after the patient takes to the bed and

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the duties and pleasures of life together with the unhappiness incident to

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content with present utility for that our utility can only be

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probable that a developmental or anatomical difference is

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removed by the flap operation at the lower third of the thigh

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cording to Dr. R. Willis seems to be entirely unknown in the county

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medical man must add compassion for the multitude if

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meet will be different than those they have seen in

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cies which have been the outstanding characteristic

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it may be sickness. The condition is that of collapse and in this

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these vessels clotting would occur. The foramen ovale is usually

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there is improvement give less often perhaps two or three times

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action acting as a physiological stimulus to various parts of the brain and

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when they are about two months old. If a cow gives a

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be said. According to Benedict we should place the cop

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about half an hour at no time passing the vertical axis of vision.

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from eighty five normal individuals. The technique em

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