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criminative audience of his peers few if any can be
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generally believed. Dr. Moura supported his view by rotating the
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of venous thrombosis are passive hyperajmia with more or less transudation
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On May st the wound was suppurating quite healthily
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by unconsciousness for a long time. Severe vomiting all day.
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in Marshall County. The name No ta ka means he hears or he
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opinion that it is more than probable that everything being
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There is considerable variability in the reactions of different persons to
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In this method also the injection of large doses is required.
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I was able to find references to early treatment in
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are often compensatory in character as for example the rigor and
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wasting valuable time. The writer excludes such more potent tonics
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activity through the action of destructive enzymes
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is a rather unique case. I have never heard one like it. The
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creasingly large number of cases. This is certainly most marked
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considerably more than two thirds the wound had healed in
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practitioner to undertake unaided in a private case the
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Canada has yet produced of the doctor equally great in England and




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