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Open to all, its definitive credo is:

Universal human progress by private and voluntary means.    The formidable citadel and storm center of NewsMax and elsewise pundit Diane Alden, the uncompromising empress of Flyover Country.   Scott Schaffer and a gaggle of maverick academics bypass the aberrant and examine the significance of what normal people normally do. A family enterprise, how to employ the kids without driving to the mall. And a great way to combine photography and nerd-dom.  genuine, ALL natural rain forest herbal personal care, produced in sympathetic cooperation with our bounteous natural heritage. Web Page Design , Site Maintenance,  Domain registration, 24 hour Support. Basic Internet presence to an  Xtreme Site! Manufacturer of quality brass instrument mouthpieces.
The Roatan Weekly.  Honduras best source of news.
Sitemaster John Galt finds these sites below, compatible with Radical Positivism, reserving to their sitemasters, of course, the right to disagree. Whether they endorse us or not, we believe you will find time spent scanning them worthwhile.  This is very interesting! Positive stuff for positive people - a conceptual tour of the meaning and morality of capitalism
Exemplar: "The Trillion Dollar Vision of Dee Hock" by M. Mitchell Waldrop, (C) Fast Company 1996

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Radical Positivists of the world unite, and make it a better place for all!
Then again, I know you are all busy working, and doing just that, so never mind !


We will be expanding the link page to other Positive sites. If you find one on your travels through cyberspace, please let me know.