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obvious that surgical interference is warranted only in those cases where
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erally and as an alterative. Papine must of necessity come greatly into vogue with
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and carbolic acid as spoken of in this work, [page 431,
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rising. The sleeplessness from which many old persons suffer
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Kobert Christison, M. D. Turner's Chemistry. Manuel de
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medicine for a few years, and then removed lo Connecticut.
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patches or segments of the bowel present a variegated surface. In parts
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We do better. As the complaint shows its two, three or more
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tions of their subject and work at and teach only its more scientifically
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purple merino dress, a cloak of brown Circassian, and a black
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scientific methods of instruction, that they find the students not only
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panied by local inflammatory changes in the lung or elsewhere. The
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marked hypoxemia in patients with chronic obstructive lung
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the regimental aid post: The best splint is the modified
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especially in countries where vaccination has long been efficiently practised ;
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immediate contact with the spinal cord. Tn the region of the
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romance of medical missionary work, until, in 1914, at the outbreak
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has been indiscriminately used for cases of premature
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DS: Aeroallergens in dairy bams near Cooperstown, New York and Rochester, Minne-
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ni a sloping manner, two inches and a half long, that the fore finger
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obviated by making as many cells as possible from the same
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the furrowed cheeks and brow, and the bending frame, the wastes
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spread of infection l)y contact from unrecognized cases among chil-
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1. The course of instruction shall be both practical
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the pleasant temperature of the hand is an evidence that the feet too
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which he thinks worthy of notice. When a hernia of large size is incarcerated
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ever of absolute nausea from any organic condition being
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pulse is transmitted from the end of the axon to the
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Adjunct Attending, Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital. A.B.
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edition of which appeared so far back as 1864, and the
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restriction is removed, one wishes to go back to the former metabolic level,
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the first time, and successfully, by Dixi Crosby of
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before the first day of the next April, and a printed copy of
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more or less from cystitis for fifteen years, before
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accustomed as we have been in such cases, before resorting to
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and all diseases in which a Kidney alterative or an anti-lithic remedy is indicated.
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(2) Machat. B. B. Significance of Pulpless Teeth in Healtli and Disease.
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or forward direction. Moreover, there is often no uniformity even in the
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