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directions one will be able to insinuate it beneath
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line of treatment was framed to meet the condition. In
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covery of the chief origin of the infection of wounds.
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show more cases of direct extension of the suppuration from the
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Aside from its being the result of some inflammatory
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are covered with purpuric spots and ecchymoses but the upper limbs are
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action was too rapid instead of too slow. Was it not
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water or food after this date she drank water with difficulty
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cases amputation of the thigh was subsequently performed
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so that the question of operation would not come up for
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is an inflammation of structures outside the joint which
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chemical transformations are capable of being guided to a very remark
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tion and its lower limb is as far down as possible without
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of bile or its rcabsorption in the liver from obstruc
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to finish it. All this is accompanied by increased and
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After I had worked with the patient in the open air
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After the woman stops nursing he often applies a bland soft
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system via. rickets. Hence the belief that in such cases
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majority of cases to either epithelioma lupus vulgaris or
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empty itself into the wound when however the tube lias become
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in about parts of water sodio salicylate of theobromine or as
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kinds of fermentations afford some striking illustrations.
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tiring. The following are some general suggestions as
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A section of the lower end of a left femur showing a
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the nervous centre supplying the organ part or limb with
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rapidly. In the advanced period the emaciation is great and there
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The effect of treatment by curetting only must cast some light on




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