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Trimedical Complex

Medical Association presented a new plan for our consideration. The

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Ib.o minute lobules. The ducts and caecal vesicles in common with ail

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the two principal repasts of the day. The light French breakfast

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concludes Let us have blood counts made on our patients

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yielding C which may be considered as exactly balancing the actual

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yield to treatment until the laceration is repaired or the pendulous

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the middle ear cavities during the act of swallowing. For

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the waste of tissue Katamorphpsis acting in another it

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months and even years. The disease may also be carried

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vanced Age. Zusch describes this case which was that of

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Custer Dayton Ohio Vice Presidents Dr. Russel H. Boggs

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its own weight of iodoform. Aniline was introduced as an

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week previous he had been thoroughly chilled after an

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stomach and its effects to be felt. In cases where a very

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muscles did not produce sufficient intraabdominal pres

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often the first and continues to be the most important symptom. The


duty. Bob Green transferred from the Naval Reserve to the

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au dltory c the c. for hearing situated in the gyri

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the cases prevalent in May were true typhoid infections while

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would eafily be crufh d inwards by our atmofpherical prefTure. And tho

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that the patient does not cry or foil or suffer from general

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such circumstances it is not the muscle itself nor its ten


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cision with costal excision is the method of choice for

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tion may be contemplated under another point of view. Except

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being markedly alkaline turbid with a sediment of phos

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to the so called orthostatic albuminuria which he believed to be by far

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was less than might be expected considering the amount of sub

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depending upon the cause of the dilatation. The fermentation produces lac

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contaminated wells where the milk was produced. One of the

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anxious to collect the autographs of all our subscribers and

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ficial determination of the causes of death should in all

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sistance of the disease to treatment. Inoculation of

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and its lymphatics and is gradually carried or penetrates into the vesicles

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empyema containing a pint and a half of foetid pus apparently

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cord. In adults the convolutions appear flattened and the

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Pierce. An opening was then made through the anterior

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terminated in death if general bleeding had been resorted

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Dr. Bracken called attention to the fact that the car

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from among the senior students. He is provided with commons at the

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veterinary surgeons know by the name of wooden tongue.

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it so closely resembles the one that appeared in The Lancet of

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General discussion on Animal Parasites oi ened by B. F. Kavpp and

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instructive and able address. The report of the Rush

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On its surface the skin is normal and movable. Deeper




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