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Laurent in his studies of potato rot found that the

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tinction are furnished by the peculiarities of the pulse the age of the

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leave her home and walk to a neighbor s apparentiy as if

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prevalent in neighbourhood. Child three months mem

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Dr. Black read an essay on the Epidemic Influenza as it occurred in

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The results of these advances must enhance their hopes

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Ammonia and the nitrogen lt A the atmosphere and convert

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discontinued in the Johns Hopkins Hospital. We are surprised to find

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be conveying an erroneous idea of the peculiarities of the disease

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an alkaloid mytilotoxine similar to curare in its action. Ten

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glass tube. Of course each sac must be tested before it is slipped

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Surgical Bulletin formerly Merck s Bulletin has done very val

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to the ultimate structure of bone tissue are the older one that it


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toms which sometimes follow the operation. The surgical after

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came contracted to such a degree as entirely to efface the opening.

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that were subsequently passed. Stones in the pelvis

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that up to July last over three months afterward she had been

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Should this cause chilliness while the fever is still high apply a hot

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the apparatus is brought to a standstill the movement of the

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clusion that there is a form of fever prevailing in

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easiness and the craving of small quantities of food pref

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hours an exudate consisting of polynuclear leucocytes

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months duration. During live months the feces had been

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to Precy and intersperse the journey with sight seeing

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otomy the stomach was found to resent an absolutely normal appear

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curred in the same family with pulmonary symptoms it

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Association. Flowers music and refreshments were gen

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to keep up the sinking powers of the patient insensibility and

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pleurisies supervene when the organism has been exhausted by a long con




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